NCGA Net Am Qualifier

August 1, 2021

Format, Tee Times, and Pairings


Net Stroke play with 95% handicap allowance. Top two finishers win free entry to the next round of the NCGA Qualifier to be played 9-16 to 9-23 at various courses. Finals to be 36 hole event held at Poppy Hills October 11-12. As a reminder, anyone is eligible to register and play in the 2nd round but they will be required to pay their own way. Entry is $135 and is available on the NCGA web site.

Skins will be available-see tee sheet on the first tee to sign up.

General Information ~

Play is to be from the Blue Tees. Play the ball DOWN . BUNKERS to be played as the ball lies- no preferred lies.

Gross and Net skins will be offered-$10 each. Sign up will be on the tee sheet on the first tee.

Pace of play 4:40. Groups must finish within the allotted time or within 15 minutes of the group ahead of them. If your group falls behind, please take these easy steps to catch up: Play ready golf and play your shot as soon as you are able. Go directly to the next tee after putting out and play away instead of waiting for the rest of your group to putt out.

Pace of play is strictly enforced in all NCGA events so this is good practice! There is no reason we can’t all play in 4:45 (or less!)

Tee Times:

8:00 Lozito, Cooper, Kirschman, Easley

8:10 Mackey, Flad, Stephenson

8:20 Chan, Judd, Camarda, Patrick

8:30 Parker, Bard, Glass, Costello

8:40 Vincent, Harold, Boval, Schultz`