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NCGA Senior Four-Ball Net Championship Qualifier

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The 2-person team with the lowest net better-ball score will represent the club at the Sectional Qualifier which will be held August 26th at a location to be announced. (If we get our membership up to 251 players by July 1 we'll be able to send two teams). To be eligible each team member must have reached his or her 55th birthday by September 27, 2004. If you get through the Sectional Qualifier you'll play at Poppy Ridge in the championship on September 27th and 28th. You should form your own teams.

Location: Tilden

Format: 18 holes of 4-Ball (2-person better ball). Play will be at 90% (men) and 95% (women) of the course handicap  using a maximum of 18.4. Players with higher indices are eligible but will play at 18.4. The difference between partners course handicaps cannot be greater than 8 strokes. Teams with larger differences can still play but the higher course handicap will be reduced to meet the requirement.

Date: April 4

Results: Well it looks like congratulations are in order for Gordon Libby and Jerry Texdahl. Here are the complete results:

Team Better Ball Score
Libby & Texdahl 64
Gilman & Richards 65
Johnson & Schwartz 67
Pytel & Spike 69
Porter & Peterson 75

Questions?: Send email to the tournament director.

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